40 Days of Prayer

March 6th - April 21st!


Hey Rejoice! The 40-Day season leading to Easter has begun! Each year, we have asked you to pray with us during this time – to bind our hearts together and pray for the same things. While our prayers aren’t limited to this Prayer Guide, we’re asking that you would include the daily items mentioned inside. Along with each item listed are correlating scripture verses that you can use as a part of your prayer time. 

Church, may we be desperate to talk to the Lord in prayer and intentional about not only the prayer items listed in this guide, but also our prayers for the church and for each other. There is great power in prayer and apart from it, our work is powerless. Will you – as we enter this season together – ask the Holy Spirit of God to fill you as you read His word and talk to Him in prayer. 

I love you church! May His Word fill you and His Spirit guide you as we move through these 40 days together!

Praying for you,


A Daily Prayer Guide For Rejoice Church

Every day our prayers should focus on our personal relationship with God, our family, our church, lost friends and loved ones to come and know Jesus, and the following during the day… 

Worship Gathering

3/6 – Pray that God’s presence would be made known - Exodus 33:12-19

3/7 – Pray that the Holy Spirit to work powerfully among us - I Corinthians 2:2-5

3/8 – Pray that God would draw people to Christ in the church - John 6:44

3/9 – Pray that God to change lives in the church - I Thessalonians 1:9-10; Acts 2:37

Gospel Sharing

3/11 – Pray that we would be gripped by the Gospel - Romans 1:14-17

3/12 – Pray for opportunities to share the Gospel - Colossians 4:3

3/13 – Pray that we take advantage of every opportunity - Colossians 4:5

3/14 – Pray that we would be bold in sharing the Gospel - Acts 4:29

Gospel Living

3/15 – Pray that we would be salt and light in our community - Matthew 5:13-15; Philippians 2:14-16

3/16 – Pray that we would have a heavy burden for the lost - Romans 9:1-3

3/18 – Pray that we would view the world as Christ sees it - Matthew 9:36-38

3/19 –  Pray that we would be sensitive to the needs and hurts of others - Luke 10:33-35

3/20 – Pray that God would guide your thoughts, steps, and desires - Philippians 4:8; Galatians 5:16-17, 25; Psalm 63:1; 27:4, 42:1-3

Passion For The Word Of God

3/21 – Pray that we would have a great love for God’s Word - Psalm 119:97; Psalm 119:103

3/22 – Pray that we would have a great desire for God’s Word - I Peter 2:1-3

3/23 –  Pray that God’s Word would be the final authority in our lives - I Thessalonians 2:13; II Timothy 3:16-17

3/25 – Pray that we would strive to obey God’s Word - I Thessalonians 2:13; II Timothy 3:16-17

Trust And Obey

3/26 – Pray that we would be a people of prayer - Acts 4:23-31

3/27 – Pray that we would trust the power of God - Ephesians 3:20

3/28 – Pray that we would remember God’s greatness - Isaiah 6:1-8; Revelation 4

3/29 – Pray that we would trust God’s sovereignty - Psalm 2; Acts 4:25-28

 Family: Home and Church

3/30–  Pray for our parents to be spiritual champions to their children - Deuteronomy 6:4-7

4/1 – Pray for husbands and wives to love each other as they should - Ephesians 5:25; Titus 2:4

4/2 – Pray for every member to find and use their spiritual gifts - I Peter 4:10-11

4/3 – Pray for every believe to grow spiritually - II Peter 3:18; I Corinthians 3:1-3; John 17:21

4/4 –  Pray for God to show us anything that hinders our relationship w/ Him - Psalm 139

 Saturday – Worship Living

4/5 – Pray that we would love Christ as we should - Mark 12:30; Revelation 2:1-7

4/6 – Pray that would love Christ more than we love anything else - I John 2:15-17; Philippians 3:17-21

4/8 – Pray that there would be excitement within and around Rejoice - Psalm 122:1

4/9 – Pray that we would never go through the motions of worship - Isaiah 29:13

4/10 – Pray we would exist for His glory - I Corinthians 10:31; Colossians 1:16; Romans 11:36; Revelation 4:11

 10 Days to Easter Celebration Sunday

4/11 – Pray for those who do not know Christ in our community

4/12 – Pray for courage to invite someone to our Easter Celebration

4/13 – Pray for Rejoice Church to have an impact on our community

4/15 – Pray for our Passion Week Services

4/16 – Pray for our Easter Celebration Service

4/17 – Pray for our Antioch Community Easter Egg Hunt

4/18 – Pray for a Revival in your life and the life of Rejoice

4/19 – Pray for God to receive all the glory through our efforts

4/20 – Pray for _____________________ (Unsaved Family/Friends)